Course Introduction & Science Practices

Course Content:

You are responsible for interfacing with the following course content outside of class as reflected in the class schedule.

Discussion Material:

These resources specifically serve as the basis of in-class discussions.

In-Class Discussion Presentations

The powerpoint that I use for in-class discussions.

Section Discussion Notes

My discussion notes for this section of the course. Written for me, by me.

SP SBG Student Accounting:

Use this organizer to keep track of your progress as you engage with these standards.


All course activities (not labs) grouped by standard.


AP Bio Rules, Grades, Procedures

Statistics Worksheets

From Duncan Rhodes (I think)

What A Scientific Explanation Looks Like

Adapted by me from Sutherland, McNeill, & Colson in Linking science & literacy in the classroom

Space Invaders

Adapted by Bob Kuhn from a variety of sources.

Scientific Explanation Tool

From BSCS.

AP Biology Formula Sheet

From The College Board

Other Resources:

Learn.Genetics Resources:

PHET Simulations:

Plinko Probability:
Plinko Probability
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